Adda is widely known for her teaching skills - being able to teach as both a leader and a follower - her musicality and for her "ginga”.

Born in Adjud, Romania and growing up in Pordenone, Italy, Adda set her sights on dancing from the mere age of 3 by learning from Maria Pantica where she participated in her first ever dance performance group called ---Cubul Copiilor--- at Casa Pionierilor Adjud. From 2007 to 2012, Adda

attended Amici Dance School in Oderzo, Italy, learning mainly Hip-Hop but also other dance styles such as Modern Dance, Ballet, Line Dancing, Cheerleading, MusicalTheatre, Rock & Roll, Hip-Hop and Street Dance.

Moving to the UK in 2013, she stepped into the Kizomba world developing her passion for the Angolan culture. She started dedicating most of her free time learning and not long after teaching alongside Eddy Vents (an important Kizomba figure and also Rico’s cousin).


Now days Rico and Adda are directors of RicAdda Dance School which has already performed in the UK and abroad. They work nationally and internationally giving classes and workshops that include elements of Kizomba dance, culture, musicality, appreciation and connection.


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