18th March 2018, Sunday

2pm - 3.30pm


***BIG NEWS***

We are creating our new UKDC ZOUK STUDENT TEAM!

Anyone can participate although we recommend a minimum of 1 year of zouk experience. We are open to everyone who thinks they have what it takes to perform in front of an audience.

We are looking for 7 dedicated leaders and 7 dedicated followers to create the ultimate student team

You will learn an amazing choreography, train and even exercise to help you be fitter and your dance be sharper. You will be pushed to better yourself and you will learn to have a strong and confident presence on stage.

Your team directors are internationally recognised for winning many competitions, teaching and performing on the biggest and greatest stages of the dance world (including TV). Incredible experience to work with the one and only URBAN ZOUK CREATOR will be teaching you the best quality zouk, giving you an amazing experience and the most fun you can ever have on a performance team.


The course will start on 29th of March for 12 weeks and finish on 17th June.

Each session will happen on Thursdays from 8pm-9:30pm.

Since you will become a part of our family, we will give you one month of free zouk classes in the school to help you increase your technique.


The price of the course is £240 for 12 weeks of intensive quality training, that is £20 per session with the chance to perform locally and internationally!

Costume & shoes prices are not included in the package but we always try to keep it reasonable for everyone.


We do love our groups looking fresh and sparkly so you can shine on a stage with us.Come and see what it’s like to be a profesional dancer and train until you become the best of yourself


If you want to participate all you need to do is to send an email of interest with your name & ‘Zouk Team auditions’ to:


UK Dance Connexion

24 Haverstock Hill, NW3 2 BQ London, United Kingdom


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