Laura was born and grown up in France, where she started to dance. As a child, she danced during 5 years in a modern jazz group, followed by 7 years gymnastics. Her study took her then away from her home town and allowed her to go to Germany where she discovered Salsa and Bachata during university classes. At the end of her study, Laura left Germany to end up in London in September 2015.

This is where the passion grew. By going to Salsa and Bachata classes regularly, Laura discovered also Kizomba in December 2015 thanks to the classes of Rico Suave and Adda Dociu. In parallel to the classes, she also joined the Daniel and Desiree world team Project "Que Bonito" (Bachata), the Addelicious ladies performance group (Kizomba) directed by Adda Dociu and the RicAdda Dance School (Kizomba, Semba, Afrohouse) directed by Rico and Adda. Thanks to these performance groups, Laura was able to perform internationally during congresses.

Laura has been given the chance to assist Adda Dociu during some of her classes and has also been given the opportunity to teach along with Nelson, during intensive workshop weekends organized by Rico and Adda or to replace Adda, while she was teaching abroad.


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