Hopefully you're here because you're interested to learn how to dance Zouk (or someone has forced you into it!)

We understand the thought of learning to dance can be a very scary one, especially if you've never stepped foot inside a dance class or you think you've got two left feet.

Don't panic - UKDC specialise in dance courses for beginners and growing London's dance community by showing new people how to dance Zouk. 

We're extremely proud to be branded as 'London's friendliest dance school', and our professionally trained assistants are experts in making you feel comfortable.

UKDC are the leading dance school for learning Zouk in London, and we're extremely privileged to have the best Zouk teachers in Europe; Pedrinho & Linda. They are world famous and teach every single Zouk class in our school (just youtube them and see!).


You've either been recommended by a friend (who most likely hasn't stopped going on at you to 'try Zouk!') or your partner has finally got you to come to along.

Well, however you found us... Zouk (also known as Brazilian Zouk) is one of the most fun and incredible latin partner dances, known and loved for its famous head movements, cleverly mixes funky and cool styling with a fluid flowing momentum.

Often danced to commercial Pop, RnB, Latin and Reggaeton music - its popularity is rapidly growing throughout Europe. We are proud to be crowned as the leading school for Zouk lessons in London.

We are so confident that you'll love learning Zouk, that we offer every single person their first dance class completely free. 

Our 'Novice 1' courses for beginners start every Feb, May & Sept - Our brand new class is on Wednesday starting on the 4th February.

Classes are once a week and are £50 per month or take advantage of our '3 months for £100' offer!

If you're still a bit nervous, feel free to bring/drag along a friend (just let us know their name as well!)

All our courses are all based on a monthly membership - for more information please see our 'Timetable and pricing' tab.

If you have any questions (no matter how silly you think they are) please contact us through this site, or find us on Facebook and we'll get back to you asap.
Alternatively please check out our Frequently asked questions here: 


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