Nelson was born in Portugal where he grew up surrounded by music, listening to Latin and Afro-Latin rhythms as an influence of his parents and their dance career.

In 2013 he moved to London seeking to grow his passion of dance.

He participated in several choreography groups, where he performed not just in the UK but also internationally. 

Going and expanding his dance career to known festivals, such as BachaKizz, Bachatea, and even 1st editions like Sardinia Afro Festival and many more.

Over the years Nelson has been part of London Touch Academy, Flava Bachata Company and lately RicAdda Dance School.

Under supervision of Rico Suave and Adda Dociu teaching, he has completely developed even deeper love for Kizomba, Semba and Afro House  and now spreading his teaching talent and love for the dance through his classes. 


Linda Mattos
Pedrinho Mattos
Crystal Leah
Max Alan
Oz & Despina
Laura Druon
Nelson Henrique
Adda Dociu
Rico Suave
Carolina Rosa


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