7th April 2018, Sunday

2.30pm - 3.30am


Come and join us for Pedrihno's Mega-Zouk Birthday!

A HUGE 13 hour event; predicted to be one of the biggest events the UK has ever held.

With the worlds best Zouk artists flying over to teach 6 hours of intense workshops followed by over 5 and half hours of social dancing.



2.30pm - 4pm -

Carlos and Fernanda

4.05pm - 5.35pm -

Renato and Raquel Ramalho

     5.40pm - 7.10pm -

William and Paloma

     7.15pm - 8.45pm -

Val and Vanessa

    9.45pm - 3.30pm -

Party with headliner DJ Kakah











1st Batch - Entire Day - All workshops and party

2nd Batch - Entire Day - All workshops and party

3rd Batch - Entire Day - All workshops and party

Early Bird (until 1/3/2018) - All workshops

Early Bird (until 1/3/2018) - Party only

Carlos and Fernanda - Workshop only

Renato and Raquel Ramalho - Workshop only

William and Paloma - Workshop only

Val and Vanessa - Workshop only

The 'entire day' tickets are selling in 3 BATCHES - Buy early and get them cheaper! Buy late and pay more!
The 1st batch of 25 go on sale FEB 1st at 2:45pm ... BE READY!!

Places will be limited so we advise booking early - We know there is large amount of interest in the workshops already.

We are very passionate on having all our events as gender balanced as possible, so please be aware bookings may go on hold to balance this out.

There will be bottled water, plenty of alcohol & snacks (at a reasonable price!) to keep you going through the night!


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