Join the Legends of the Zouk World in this hugely anticipated Zouk workshop & party.


William Teixeira & Paloma Alves, DJ Kakah, Renato Veronezi, Renato & Rachel Ramalho

These Legends share their secrets, tricks and tips in this epic 4.5hr workshop.


DJ Kakah's birthday


This is guaranteed to be one the best parties London has ever seen.

Come and celebrate DJ Kakahs birthday with us as she blows you away with her headlining set! She'll play alongside Pedrinhno Mattos & William Teixeira with music certain to keep you dancing all night.

All our teachers will be joining us at the freestyle so make sure you grab one of them for dances you will never forget.


THERE WILL BE A VERY SPECIAL RAFFLE ANOUNCED AT MIDNIGHT... With your legendary teachers being raffled off and given away as prizes to dance 4 songs back to back!

                        We could write so much more about these artists, but their reputations speak for themselves - if you are unaware of any of them... just type their names into google and youtube and set aside a couple hours to watch in awe!



Places will be limited - We have already had a large amount of interest in the workshop in particular.

We are very passionate on having all our events as gender balanced as possible, so please be aware bookings may go on hold to balance this out. 


There will be cheap bottled water, a selection of alcohol & snacks available to be purchased at the event. 


Unlike most other parties, we allow you to bring water and snacks with you if you wish! :)


Many thanks and we really look forward to learing, socialising & partying with you soon!


The UKDC Events Team


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